Your written planning guide, your great connections with the trades, your attention to detail, the numerous emails and phone calls and our meetings all contributed greatly to the party being the fabulous night that it was

We owe you the world! Thank you for making our wedding truly memorable, not to mention the smooth, flowing nature of it too!

We truly can’t thank you enough. Your patient ear and eye for detail during the planning stages helped us immensely.

You were a pleasure to work with + you made everyone feel at ease! I will continue to recommend you!

Thank you so much, Heidi, for all of your assistance and advice before the event, and for all your hard work (+that of your fabulous assistants!) on the night itself.

Your level headedness truly kept us grounded and able to enjoy what could have been a most stressful day!

We appreciate your help and hard work and we’ll surely recommend you to our friends and family.

We had the best time of our lives and were able to have fun knowing you were on top of everything!